Witley Jones Invest in Cutting Edge 3D Drawing Software

3D Drawing Software

As part of Witley Jones’ investment in continuously improving our design and manufacturing capabilities, we have adopted state-of-the-art 3D drawing and design software, Vortek. This innovative technology has enabled us to significantly enhance the design process and allow schools to visualise a finished project.

The introduction of Vortek enables our drawing team to provide schools with a detailed, immersive insight into their future spaces.

Whether it’s a Boarding House, Science Laboratory, or Learning Resource Centre, clients can now visualise every detail with our improved rendering capabilities, ensuring that every aspect of the design is represented, from materials and textures to lighting and room layouts.

One of the standout features of Vortek is its ability to create virtual walkarounds of a space, allowing clients to explore every nook and cranny before signing off a design and commencing production.

Perhaps most notably, Vortek streamlines the design process by offering simple yet powerful tools for making adjustments quickly and easily. This allows our team to work closely with schools to optimise their spaces according to their specific needs, helping maximize their investment in furniture.

“We’re delighted to introduce Vortek software to our design capabilities and process,” said Simon Downes. “This innovative technology not only enhances the way we design school spaces but also instills confidence in our clients by providing a clear, realistic vision of the finished product from the outset.”

The investment in Vortek software aligns seamlessly with Witley Jones’ long-standing reputation as a leading provider of bespoke school furniture. With a commitment to delivering high-quality, long-lasting products, we have earned the trust of schools nationwide.

As schools continue to evolve and adapt to changing educational needs, Witley Jones Furniture remains at the forefront of innovation, ensuring that every space is designed to inspire learning and creativity.

“We understand that schools are increasingly looking to present a project’s viability to key stakeholders, and we hope that this software, allied to the fact that we manufacture to order in-house, sets us at the forefront of the market and differentiates us from our competitors.”

For schools seeking to transform their environments into vibrant hubs of education, the introduction of Vortek software represents a leap forward in the design process.

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