Science Laboratory Furniture

A safe, practical and engaging learning environment

We design and manufacture science lab furniture to create engaging learning environments and stand the test of time teaching Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Free Design
Free Design
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Delivery Guarantee
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Safety first – A safe use of space

Our Science Laboratories create a safe working environment for all students and teaching staff.

We take a great deal of care in helping schools to design the layout of science laboratories and selecting the right pieces of furniture to maintain a high level of health and safety.

With practical lessons taking place in the science labs, it is essential that there is ample space for students to move around, storage around the outside of the rooms is essential as well as integrating cupboards and draws in workbenches.

Swanbourne House School Science Laboratory

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Creating an engaging learning environment

When designing science laboratories where students will be learning biology, physics and chemistry, it is pivotal to create a space that engages them during both practical and theory lessons. We tailor the design of your furniture to perfectly fit any space, achieve a desired aesthetic, turning a vision into a reality that meets your practical requirements.

You will be provided with a range of layouts to meet different teaching and learning styles, following conversations and planning meetings to discuss your ideas and requirements.

“The work last summer has taken the school forward significantly and we are very proud of the new facilities which place us at the cutting edge in education… I am more than happy to strongly recommend Witley Jones to others.”

Business Manager, Swanbourne House

Flexible and custom materials

Our design process is led by your specific requirements and ideas, from layout and materials to finish and colour.

We provide a number of options and suggestions for each stage of the project to enable you to make informed decisions on space utilisation, budgets and creating the desired learning environment.

We only use the most appropriate materials and fittings for such a demanding space, creating high quality and long-lasting furniture. We supply the latest gas and water taps, sinks and waste kits to provide a modern feel to your space.

Carefully introducing colour into science lab furniture is an important consideration. You may want to include colours to reflect your school’s branding or departmental colour schemes.

Worktops are manufactured using Trespa which is highly durable and chemical resistant.

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Science laboratory case studies

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"Witley Jones are proactive and helpful, listening to exactly what we wanted which is essential with projects of this nature...."David Carson, Estates Project Manager
"Having worked with Witley Jones Previously we knew their process and way of working which is why we returned to..."Dean Simpson, Bursar, Teikyo School
"It was a very positive experience working alongside Witley Jones, who provided clear and frequent communication throughout the project. The..."Lorna Button, Head Teacher, Blackminster Middle School
Free Quote

Free Design Consultation

We offer a free, no obligation design and quote on all furniture enquiries.

Unique Design

Deadline Promise

We can deliver a wide variety of projects in as little as 4 weeks.

5 Year Guarantee

10 Year Guarantee

All items of school furniture come with a 10 year, fair wear and tear guarantee.

Layout and Design

Our design team help you to match the layout and configuration of each laboratory to ensure the space available is utilised efficiently, incorporates gas, water and electricity as well as considering storage and cupboards.

We help you to consider how the space will be used and specify furniture for practical and theory areas.

We offer a free no obligation layout and design service to help understand how laboratory furniture will fit into the space you have available and meet health and safety requirements.

Selecting Materials

We recommend Trespa worktops as standard in our laboratory installations due to their durability.

Careful selection of materials is paramount to ensure they are safe to used in a science laboratory environment and will stand the test of rigorous daily use.

Safety Standards & Guidelines

All of the materials and furniture items are designed and manufactured in line with CLEAPPS guidelines.

Ensuring that your science laboratory classrooms are compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act is essential. Our Team have extensive experience in introducing practical areas which are designed for disabled students to safely and easily access workbenches, seating and utilities.

Frequently asked questions about science labs

Designing furniture for multipurpose rooms?

Depending on the function of each laboratory, we can provide the relevant science-specific hardware.

You may require a ‘wet’ or ‘dry’ lab, you may require a subject-specific lab, or you may require a multi-purpose science lab that requires gas, water/waste elements, as well as a fume cupboard – all of which we can cater for.

What Materials are best for School Science Laboratory Worktops and Benches?

Selecting the right materials for school science laboratory worktops and benches is crucial, as they serve as the foundation for delivering a learning experience in a practical sense. 

Selecting materials that are resistant to physical damage also helps to ensure the longevity of the furniture and overall science laboratory, reducing the need to replace pieces regularly and providing great value for money. Read more.

Can you help us with integrating tools and appliances?

Of course, we aim to accommodate whatever the floor space allows us to.

Specific heights of work benches can be included to ensure tools are at the correct working height.

We can provide deeper worktops to allow overhangs for clamping, we can use Trespa, hardwood or solid surfaces (depending on your requirements).

Also, we can provide white goods and appliances or leave provisions for them within our proposal.

How do we incorporate utilities into our furniture?

It can be dependent upon the laboratory’s function as much as budget.

We can provide drop-in stainless-steel sinks as well as undermount epoxy resin or ceramic sinks, for example.

We supply Vulcathene wastes and bottle traps to ensure they stand the rigours which repeated chemical usage can throw at them.

Services are always discreetly concealed, with accessible panels to aid maintenance and repairs.

Air circulation is critical in most laboratories, and you will find our infills, end panels and service units vented to assist with this.

How do you design a school science laboratory?

Designing a school science laboratory requires a collaborative approach, involving stakeholders to create a safe, engaging, and practical space. As well as the functionality and aesthetics, a key focus should be on value for money, to install a science laboratory suitable for today and tomorrow. Read moreScience Laboratory

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