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A space where adventure begins

We create practical and engaging Learning Resource Centres, transforming spaces from libraries into hubs of activity for your pupils to study and collaborate.

Free Design
Free Design
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Delivery Guarantee
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Learning resource centre

LRCs are an integral part of every school, providing a blend of engaging and quiet spaces for independent study, revision and socialising. Furniture needs to facilitate the multi-functional requirements, through a blend of study booths, soft furnishings and IT furniture, as well as seating, shelving and bookcases.

Sheldon School Library Furniture
Royal Ballet School Library

Efficient use of space

Considered design layouts are essential to ensure the available space is used efficiently to create quiet and collaborative areas. We have a wealth of experience in tailoring floor plans and designing bespoke furniture to optimise the floor space whilst introducing zones throughout the Learning Resource Centre to create partitions.

Flexible and Customisable

The design process is led by our client’s specific requirements, from finish and colour through to materials.

“A great space to take part in an adventure, a journey. They especially liked going upstairs to choose their books and enjoying the view from the top seats. The bus puts reading at the heart of our school.”

Jim Turner, Head of King’s Hawford

More than just bookcases

A Learning Resource Centre is more than just bookcases and seating in order to be fit for mondern learning.

Unique and underutilised spaces can be transformed into engaging, technology-led environments for pupils to study.

Kids Surrounding Kings Hawford Library Bus
"Witley Jones are proactive and helpful, listening to exactly what we wanted which is essential with projects of this nature...."David Carson, Estates Project Manager
"Having worked with Witley Jones Previously we knew their process and way of working which is why we returned to..."Dean Simpson, Bursar, Teikyo School
"It was a very positive experience working alongside Witley Jones, who provided clear and frequent communication throughout the project. The..."Lorna Button, Head Teacher, Blackminster Middle School
Free Quote

Free Design Consultation

We offer a free, no obligation design and quote on all furniture enquiries.

Unique Design

Deadline Promise

We can deliver a wide variety of projects in as little as 4 weeks.

5 Year Guarantee

10 Year Guarantee

All items of school furniture come with a 10 year, fair wear and tear guarantee.

Vibrant Colours

Introducing carefully selected vibrant colours into library furniture produces a welcoming and comfortable environment for students to read and revise.

We advise you on choosing the appropriate materials and wood grains for your library furniture so that you bring the space to life.

Soft furnishings and seating can be specified to match the colours of the room and library furniture.

Made to Measure

Our design team will ensure you maximise the space you have available in library spaces and advise on the layout and configuration of a room.

If there are awkward spaces, ceilings or window sills, it is imperative that you consider how the space can be used intelligently to create additional storage or seating.

Frequently asked questions about school library furniture

How can we move away from traditional look of a library?

We are able to offer a large range of material finishes to cater for all looks, from traditional real wood veneers to be in keeping with the traditional architecture of a lot of school libraries to the more modern and colourful laminate and melamine options.

Our team are able to work with you to design the perfect solution such as blending colours with traditional wood grains to offer a modern library fit out whilst still acknowledging the traditional architecture of the space.

How can we increase the capacity of library?

As with all enquiries we offer a free no obligation survey and design consultation for all library enquiries, part of which is looking at the capacity of the library both in terms of space for books and number of seats for students to study.

We will indicate on each design how many linear metres of shelf space are available for storage. As part of our survey we are also able to measure your existing shelf space to ensure that our new designs offer an increased capacity for you.

Can we increase the number seating areas without compromising floor or storage space?

We always look to achieve the requirements you set out for the new furniture during our design consultation.

We are able to come up with space saving ideas such as book drawers beneath bench seats with allows us to offer seating with storage included.

We also offer a number of design features which incorporate both seating and shelving such as our double-sided units which allow you to have seating, worktop or shelving on each side of the screen to suit your requirements.

We can also look to include study booths and study tables within alcoves created using the bookcases.

Witley Jones also offer moveable library furniture so that items can be moved around if your library is a multi-use space.

Speak to the Team about our Free Design Consultation

We offer a free no obligation survey, design and quotation service on all enquiries.