Blackminster Middle School complete Science and DT Laboratory Refurbishment

Blackminster Middle School Science And Dt Laboratory

In recent months, we have completed a design and installation project at Blackminster Middle School alongside architecture firm Jacobs.

The installation of DT, Science, Graphics and Food Technology laboratories were an element of a refurbishment programme the school has been undertaking in recent years.

Bespoke science laboratory furniture

Worcestershire County Council identified a need for a fresh start for the Evesham school as it had not been refurbished for a long period of time. The aim of the refurbishment was to attract new students to the school, create engaging and inviting spaces for students and future proof the facilities.

Jacobs were involved from the feasibility stage of the project which was orchestrated by the county council. Jacobs identified the specialist classrooms as a focus for the refurbishment over a phased project which started in the Summer of 2018 and completed in February 2019.

Our team were involved from the initial design stage of the classrooms alongside Jacobs and staff at Blackminster Middle School. This was vital to ensure that all pieces of furniture were designed to meet their exacting needs and future proof each of the classrooms.

Furniture is an integral part of classrooms of this nature as it needs to respond to the design and objectives for the room.

One of the key questions posed to the teachers was “How do you want to teach?”. This allowed us to get a real feel of how the furniture and appliances need to be weaved into the classroom design.

The food technology room was split into two distinct areas – preparation and cooking area alongside a space to brief and speak to the students. This created a space where they could gather around an interactive board.

With safety at the forefront of thinking with regard to the DT room, fixed powered equipment was down the one side of the classroom in order for teachers to be able to monitor all students one area of the room.

It has been a real pleasure to work with the team at Witley Jones on this project. This is the second project that we have worked completed together.

They created detailed yet easy to understand working drawings of the design for each room which was integral to the school being kept up-to-date through the project.

The team introduced intelligent suggestions and tweaks to the design based on previous projects. 

Witley Jones are easy to work with and reliable which enabled a smooth process throughout.

Robert Lewin-Jones, Principal Architect, Jacobs

It was a very positive experience working alongside Witley Jones, who provided clear and frequent communication throughout the project. The team were prompt and courteous. 

The design of the laboratories and technology rooms ensured that we have future proofed the spaces to meet Secondary School specifications. 

They are a professional organisation that always delivered on time.

Witley Jones were a pleasure to work with. 

Lorna Button, Head Teacher, Blackminster Middle School

Food technology classroom furniture

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