Importance of Colour in Learning Environments

Colourful chairs in a classroom

In the past the main focus for classroom furniture was functionality, but now colours and design are considered of equal importance for schools when they are looking at their facilities and specifying furniture.

We have worked with schools and educational establishments of all sizes, from both the state and independent sector: a common trend we have seen in recent years is the increased use of colour.

So with this in mind, what colours do you currently have within your classrooms, and have you considered the effect these colours could be having on your students?

How colours can affect learning and mood

It is important that when choosing the colours for your classrooms and teaching spaces, that you consider this impact to ensure you are creating a space that is effective and that your students will enjoy being in that environment.

Colourful chairs around an oval table

Warm colours

Reds, oranges and yellows are vibrant, happy and lively colours, but they should be limited when used within a learning environment as they can be overstimulating.

For example, red is a very vibrant and intense colour which can become overwhelming, so this colour should mainly be used as an accent within the classroom.

On the other hand, the colour yellow is associated with happiness and creativity, making it the ideal colour to use within art rooms or student social rooms.

Green chairs in a classroom

Cool colours

Blues, purples and greens are all colours that promote a calm and relaxed atmosphere, making these colours ideal for environments where concentration is key and the focus is more on completing challenging tasks.

White tables in a classroom


White is a great colour for schools that are limited on space, as this colour reflects light which helps to make a room feel bigger.

One advantage of white is that you can have furniture manufactured with magnetic whiteboard frontages so that the surfaces can be written on with drywipe pens and used to mount display materials with magnets.

How to incorporate colour within your classroom

One way that you can incorporate colour within your school and classrooms is through your furniture.

The most common request we receive in terms of colour is from schools looking to match their furniture to their school colours or department / subject colours.

Furniture and colours can also be used to separate a room for different activities, for example to create a reading area, a play corner and a learning area all within the same room.

At Witley Jones, we are delighted to offer bespoke services, meaning that we can design and manufacture any piece of furniture in any colour that you wish.

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