Little Harrowden Community Primary School introduce Teaching Walls to the Classroom

Little Harrowden Community Primary School teaching wall

In October 2022, we were delighted to be invited to return to Little Harrowden Community Primary School to design, manufacture and install two teaching walls after fitting one in 2021. 

Simon Downes, Managing Director, worked closely with the school to design two bespoke teaching walls to optimise the floor space in each classroom, providing a single solution to house an interactive whiteboard and ample storage space. 

Each of the classrooms required a tailored teaching wall to facilitate the lessons that were taught and the features of the room. In one classroom, the teaching wall needed to fit around a chimney breast whilst housing AV, and a second required a sink to be integrated. 

During the design stage, our focus was on providing a number of solutions to meet each rooms exacting requirements whilst ensuring the teaching walls practical for both students and teaching staff. 

Due to the configuration of the spaces, some elements of the wall were installed separately whilst ensuring the essence and benefits of a teaching wall when fitted as one. 

“We have now had Witley Jones to install 3 teacher walls for us in the last 3 years. The installers are very conscientious, and work hard to get the walls looking perfect. 

Simon has been a great help with getting what we wanted onto paper in plan form. I would highly recommend Witley Jones for their professionalism, assistance at every stage, and the quality of their items.” Gail Roe, Office Manager, Little Harrowden Community Primary School, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire.

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