Beauty of Bespoke School Furniture to utilise across your Estate

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Don’t just view your school furniture as something that is needed to fill a space. Bespoke furniture can offer so much more.

Instead of thinking about furniture as a necessary spend, consider how you can maximise your investment through careful and considered design.

The beauty of bespoke furniture is that it can be used in numerous ways across your school estate.

You can tailor the design of your furniture to perfectly fit any space, achieve a desired aesthetic, turn a vision into a reality and even transform a seemingly ‘basic’ space into one that leaves a lasting impression.

We wanted to share ideas to help inspire your school and highlight some unique approaches and purposes to consider when designing furniture for the spaces across your school.

Involve students in furniture design

Bespoke furniture provides you with an opportunity to get creative and consider how you can utlise spaces across your estate, enabling you to bring your innovative and quirky ideas to life.

A great way you can achieve spaces that leave a lasting impression is through involving your students in the project, discussing their ideas and what they would like to see from the space.

You will be creating a space that your students will love using which also is a great talking point when giving visitors and prospective students a tour of your estate.

Compliment your School’s unique features

Particularly with schools with period buildings, these sites tend to have unique and protected features, such as Grade II listed buildings. So why not make the most of these features and introduce pieces of furniture which are sympathetic to the surrounding environment?

We recently completed a project with Rendcomb College on the design of their new Sixth Form Centre to coincide with the celebrations of their 100th anniversary.

This project saw us fit out the Old Rectory, a Grade II listed building into a bespoke area for their students, with a key focus on balancing the needs to cater for 21st century students whilst complimenting the building’s quirks and features.

Rendcomb College Sixth Form Work Space

Showing off what your Schools has to offer

If your school is renowned for a particular subject or programme, such as a music programme or your STEM subjects, have you considered utilising bespoke furniture to accentuate a particular area of your school, to create impressive spaces and provide students with the best experience and environment?

Here’s a look at the music storage we created for Bromsgrove School, allowing them to maximise the space they had available and achieve music facilities that are both striking and inspiring.

Bromsgrove School Equipment Storage Rack
Bromsgrove School

We hope these ideas provide some great inspiration for your school for the future, whilst also helping to highlight the many benefits of opting for bespoke furniture over an ‘off-the-shelf’ option. 

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